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Augenhaus are a creative performance unit that take their influences from modernist poetry, the traditions of French chanson and mutated Americana.

The Augenhaus sound veers from the feel of an Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack to a collision of early 60’s bubblegum with Dick Dale in a dark surf gumbo. Some songs break out into the Euro Art Pop world of Scott Walker, Bjork and Lee Hazelwood in Hey Cowboy mode.

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Witty and vivacious, Kimberli is a singer songwriter uses her soprano vocal range to charge her sultry tones and eclectic harmonies. She was born in Dublin but feels at home hailing from North East London having lived there for two thirds of her life.


Kimberli has been influenced throughout her life by genres such as Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, Classical and Folk. She has drawn inspiration from female artists such as Doris Day, Enya, Bjørk and Florence Welsh. Kimberli has been singing from a young age and found herself in various choral groups, but she has been refining her projects more professionally since 2015.


Kimberli has drummed up significant support in her local community being an advocate for the arts too, having graduated from Central Saint Martins and going on to set up her own social enterprise.  

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Chris is a multi-instrumentalist involved with all aspects of music since his early teens as a performer, composer, producer, technician and promoter. Signed to Virgin Records in 70's gaining valuable experience which he has used in his development of hundreds of musicians especially from his own studio.


He still performs with The Blue Hearts an R&B covers band for over 20 years .On retirement after a teaching career he founded the music charity The Redbridge Music Lounge in 2009.Chris plays bass too for The Traveling Tilburys, playing music from the musicians of  The Traveling Wilburys. He has written, recorded and performed recently with Linda Em.

Nigel was born in Hackney, London E9. At school he learnt trumpet and euphonium, and played in a local brass band, which proved to be a musical hothouse for teenagers wanting to start bands.Through the late seventies and early eighties he played in a range of R&B and New Wave bands, including The Thin Red Line, culminating in performances at the Theatre Royal, Stratford.He is a composer, writer, guitarist and educator.

As a special education consultant Nigel works with music and speech and language therapists using music and performance to improve communication and well-being of young people in East London. He has developed a variation of ‘Intensive Interaction’ with bass guitar rhythms with PMLD students using ‘fruitful silences’ to prompt communication and interaction.


Nigel has written ‘The Zone of Silence’, performance piece of eight psycho-lyrical musical interludes, connected through a poem, which uses vast array of characters for Augenhaus.He has recently completed ‘The London Phantasmagoria’ a shape shifting gothic horror performance piece, of prose and music set in Hackney.


Ken hails from north of the border but has lived in London most of his life. He first started playing guitar in his high school band but neglected the instrument for many years. It was only when he met Chris and Nigel that he took up guitar again.


He has been playing with the Blue Hearts for the past 20 years. Ken lends his dulcet tones to the Zone of Silence as the Narrator

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